Thursday, July 16, 2009

Trekking in Thailand

I just got back to Battambang after spending a week or so in Northern Thailand. One of the best parts of the trip was the 3-day jungle trek we did just outside of Chiang Mai.

Here are a few highlights (the ones they don't tell you about in the brochure):
  • Spending more on beer than I did on the full trek (almost...)
  • Getting to try out the local villagers hunting gear (don't worry, we stuck to shooting cans)
  • Starting up an impromptu soccer game with our guide on his local village feild
  • Battle Royal- style bamboo rafting: where your only objective is to take over your fellow trekkers raft.
  • No showers, but getting to soap up in this river in the morning.
  • Elephant Riding: not the riding part in particular, but the baby elephant who decided my scarf looked like something he might like to eat...

  • The waterfalls: well, they do tell you about those in the brochure, but they are worth a mention...

  • Enough identical-looking rice paddies that you really begin to wonder if you are being taken in circles

And Finally...

  • Spending 3 days soaking wet, muddy, and without a proper bathroom or bed, but still being able to come home and say "I could definitely have done another 2 nights."

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  1. Sounds Amazing! Hope you're having a great time Elizabeth!

    - Nadine